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  Account Balance

By Investment Option
View your account balance by investment option.

By Contribution Source
View your account balance by contribution source.

Contribution History Detail
View your contribution history detail.

Account Activity Summary
View your account activity summary.

Transfer Balance By Dollar Amount
Transfer your account balance by dollar amount.

Transfer Balance By Percentage
Transfer your account balance by percentage.

Auto-Rebalancing Transfer
Establish an auto-rebalancing transfer

Dollar Cost Averaging Transfer
Establish a dollar cost averaging transfer.

Interest Sweep Transfer
Establish an interest sweep transfer.

Interest Sweep Transfer

This option is for participants who have $10,000 or more in the Fixed Interest Account and want to systematically transfer earned interest to other investment options in their account. Please see interest sweeps details and transfer restrictions prior to requesting a transfer.

The investment return and principal value of the investment accounts will fluctuate, so that when redeemed, units may be worth more or less than the original cost. A change to the investment of your existing balance does not affect the investment of future contributions. If you would like to change the investment of your future contributions, please complete an Investment Option Election Change.

The investment option names below link to investment option summaries available as Adobe Acrobat® PDFs.

Investment Source
AUL Fixed Interest Account

Frequency of Interest Sweeps
* Frequency periods are based on calendar year.

Stop Date (Optional)
    Repeat until cancelled.
* If a stop date is selected, no interest sweeps will occur during that month and following periods.

Investment Option Interest Sweep Allocation
AIM Dynamics %
Alger American Growth %
American Century Equity Income %
American Century Income & Growth %
Fidelity VIP Growth %
Janus Aspen Flexible Bond Portfolio %
Janus Aspen Series Worldwide Growth %
SSgA S&P 500 Flagship Fund %
Total Allocation %


Please Note: The interest sweep will occur on the last business day of the frequency selected. The first interest sweep to process will not transfer any money.


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