See how giving up just a few everyday items can help you save big.


Small changes, big savings

Adjust the age and investment risk level below. Then for each item, select how many you could give up per week and watch the savings add up.

How many "extras" could you skip per week to move closer to your financial goals? Click on the items above to see how much you could potentially add to your retirement account by making small adjustments to your spending.

Based on investing this monthly amount into [INVESTMENT_CHOICE] investment option and assuming [INVESTMENT_RETURN]% growth over a [YEARS_TO_RETIREMENT] year period.

Total savings


Next steps

Now that you have an idea of how much extra you can invest toward your future goals by cutting back on spending, increase your retirement plan contribution rate today. Even a small increase can make a big difference!

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  2. If you are already participating in your retirement plan, increasing your contributions today may make a big difference in your level of retirement preparation. Log in today to increase your contribution rate
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  4. If you are not part of a retirement plan contact your employer or financial professional today and take the next step.

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Disclosures and Assumptions


Savings are assumed to be added as regular, after-tax monthly contributions into a savings account.
Any contribution limits relating to a specific savings account are not factored in. The calculator assumes all contributions can be made without additional tax or fees.

Investment returns

Returns are assumed to be consistent for the duration of the investment period.


The costs of the items are estimates. Exact costs of each item will vary. The cost of each item shown is assumed to remain the same for the duration of the time frame. The amount saved is displayed in today’s dollars; the effects of inflation on the costs of the items are not factored into the calculation.

Retirement age

When calculating how much extra you could potentially accumulate for retirement, a retirement age of 65 is assumed.

Other information

This information is provided for educational purposes only. Investing involves risk which includes the potential loss of principal. All numeric examples are hypothetical and were used for explanatory purposes only.

AHC is not an affiliate of American United Life Insurance Company® (AUL), McCready and Keene or OneAmerica Securities and is not a OneAmerica company.